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Paul Broding Photography,

I’m Paul Broding , a jack-of-all-trades professional from San Diego, CA with a passion for photography and a love of vintage work. My services range from portrait photography to scenic landscape prints many have adored hanging in their home or office. I’m also the creator of the YouTube channel, Dreamland PBP, where I help aspiring photographers find the perfect shot no matter the occasion or environment.

I believe I know creativity and vision and exhibit through my work on Etsy, YouTube, and a multitude of platforms. Each piece is a design of its own with exceptional quality that also includes renovations to existing photographs and new pictures. My experience creates a friendly and fun atmosphere for clients to enjoy the creative process and learn something along the way. My favorite motto is “It’s not just about taking a photo, it’s about creating art.”

As an influential artist, I showcase my own mood and emotions on canvas for new and professional photographers to take a look through the lens. My career as an up-and-coming photographer is one to look out for when you are searching for a fresh eye for photo taking and a little bit of extra help along the way. ”